Mecklenburg ParkLand

With us there’s nothing … except beautiful!

The idyllic Mecklenburg ParkLand region in Mecklenburg Switzerland, not far from the cities of Rostock and Güstrow, looks like a single landscape park with numerous manor houses. Along the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Garden Route, you can discover impressive landscape parks as well as rustic herb gardens, fragrant rose gardens and lush farm gardens.

The treasures of Mecklenburg ParkLand – 16 manor houses with their gardens and parks – can be easily explored on foot, on horseback, on the small river Recknitz or by bicycle along the Castles and Manor Houses Circular Trail. With courage, ideas and drive, many estates today are once again what they once were: stylish and inviting guesthouses in intact nature.

The landlords and ladies of the house are happy to share their good fortune and warmly welcome guests – for a cozy dinner in the park, a relaxing night under the castle roof or an enjoyable week in the rustic-fine ambience. From Easter to October, the hosts invite guests to “Dinner with Friends”. Combine a walk through one of the numerous manor parks with a subsequent meal at the historic hearth, in the barn, by the fire in the park or in our manor houses.

SchlafGut is a new night program, but not exclusively aimed at guests with sleep problems. The particularly dark night sky is obligatory for the future star park. What is beautiful to look at for stargazers can be experienced as a health offer in SchlafGut rooms with special furnishings, sleep advice and SchlafGut training for healthy sleep.

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