The Baltic coast Mecklenburg

Vacations on the Baltic coast of Mecklenburg have been a tradition since the Mecklenburg dukes founded Heiligendamm, Germany’s first seaside resort, in 1793. The region stretches 260 kilometers of coastline between Boltenhagen and Graal-Müritz in an incredible variety. Moonlike seaside resorts alternate with old farming villages and medieval towns.

Baltic resorts

In the Baltic Sea resorts, the freshly caught fish is smoked right next to the boats and sold directly. Almost everywhere, captains invite you to sail their ships across the Baltic Sea. Just leave your car or bike behind and go exploring by boat – this is also made possible by the small sea bridge service between Boltenhagen and the island of Poel or from Graal-Müritz.


The cities of Wismar and Rostock are more lively. Hanseatic architecture from the Middle Ages characterizes the image of the old towns. A colorful pub and restaurant scene offers cultural diversity and maritime experiences with fishing boats and cruise giants; harbor festivals attract every sea enthusiast.

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