Rostock to Fuerteventura

Fly to Fuerteventura in winter

From Rostock to Fuerteventura, perfect to escape cool temperatures.

For those who fly to Fuerteventura in winter or spring, a distinctive vacation opens up on the oldest and also the second largest island of the Canaries. Thanks to its flat surface, rain clouds simply pass over the island, which is why there is little rainfall compared to the rest of the Canary Islands. And if you visit Fuerteventura in autumn, you will be surprised by the pleasantly mild climate. It’s best to find out about a direct flight to Fuerteventura from Rostock-Laage Airport right away!

Nature lovers and recreation seekers are drawn mainly to the interior of the island. Here you can hike along dry river valleys or historic goat trails, climb Pico de la Zarza as the highest elevation as well as dare a ride on the camels. On the coasts, on the other hand, there are miles of beaches for swimming and relaxing. Or you can use one of the countless water sports possibilities. The flight from Rostock to Fuerteventura is also worthwhile for culture lovers, because there is much to marvel at off the beaten track. For example, you can admire the rock paintings of the indigenous people of Fuerteventura in the mountain Tindaya, visit the fishing village near Ajuy with its caves or visit the historic Villa Winter near Cofete. So, if you feel like a special vacation, book a flight to Fuerteventura.