Summer vacation in Crete

Book a flight to Crete from Rostock for summer vacation

Book a flight from Rostock for your summer vacation in Crete.

Spend your summer vacation in Greece and fly from Rostock to Crete, one of the most beautiful vacation destinations on the Mediterranean. Get to know Crete with its different destinations during your vacation. Book a package tour or a last minute flight at the airport Rostock-Laage – Crete is always worth a trip.

Crete is the largest island in Greece. Due to its attractive location in the Mediterranean Sea, the island has been hotly sought after by many countries and cultures throughout history. This left its mark, which is why a flight to Crete vacation is a special experience for culture lovers. Thus, the island is lined with countless ancient sites and fortresses, as well as versatile cities, which lead along the coast as well as in the interior of the island. For this reason, some people fly to Crete on their summer vacation to go hiking, with the twelve-kilometer-long Samaria Gorge being one of the most popular hiking trails. But even off the trails, there is plenty to experience in the island’s metropolises. For example, the district capital of Heraklion is not only the fourth largest city in Greece, but also the largest city in Crete, and will greet you as you fly in from Rostock. In its centrally located market square you will find oriental market stalls, narrow streets and cozy cafes and restaurants.

Book your flight from Rostock to Crete and travel in summer to one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Mediterranean.