Passport Office

Who is entitled to apply for an airport identification card?

  • Companies based at Rostock-Laage Airport
  • Companies operating on the premises on behalf of Rostock-Laage Airport
  • Airlines operating at Rostock-Laage Airport
  • Authorities with sovereign tasks

What do I need to apply for an airport identification card?

All completed documents must be sent to or Flughafen Rostock-Laage, Flughafenstraße 1, 18299 Laage.

If you need to carry people without an airport ID for your work in the security area, please fill out the Application for Carrying Authorization (PDF).

Where and when can I pick up the ID card?

Please make an appointment to pick up your ID card by contacting us at

What do I have to do if I also need a driving permit for a motor vehicle?

All completed documents / copies must be sent to or Flughafen Rostock-Laage, Flughafenstraße 1, 18299 Laage.

Dealing with the airport ID card

  • The Airport ID Card must always be presented at the security checkpoint when entering the sensitive security area.
  • The Airport ID Card must always be worn visibly in the sensitive security area.
  • Loss of the Airport ID Card must be reported immediately to the Duty Traffic Manager at 038454 321 310.
  • The Airport ID Card is the property of Rostock-Laage Airport.
  • The Airport ID Card is not transferable.
  • In case of misuse, the Airport ID Card will be withdrawn.
  • If the activity at Rostock-Laage Airport is terminated, the Airport ID Card must be returned immediately.

Application for waiver of the ZÜP pursuant to § 7 (2) sentence 4 Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG)

For more information, please refer to the Rostock-Laage Airport ID Card Regulations.

Do you still have open questions? Then please feel free to contact us at
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Air cargo and special handling

Rostock-Laage Airport offers excellent opportunities for all types of air cargo. With our central location in northern Germany, direct access to the highway and seaport, and 24-hour operation, it is the perfect place for air cargo airlines and freight forwarders. The cargo business is very important for the companies in the north of the new federal states. For the most part, it runs as sea freight. But goods for which the speed of delivery is important are also shipped as air freight. The airport Rostock-Laage scores with optimal conditions and its modern infrastructure, with flexibility and a customs station on site. We are in possession of all necessary licenses for cargo operations to fly goods quickly and responsibly or to carry out special handling.

Cargo Gallery

Find here impressions of our cargo services

Video Cargo

How it looks in practice, shows this video.

Seamless Travel

Rostock Airport has been part of the cruise business in Rostock-Warnemünde since 2015. In cooperation with the cruise company Costa Crociere, a seamless travel product was developed that provides passengers with an optimal transfer from the departure airport to the cruise ship in Rostock. The new service concept consists of a joint air/cruise product that optimizes the process of baggage handling, check-in and the development of new procedures for coordination with authorities, local port agents and the port company.

The product

The aim is to make the arrival and departure of cruise passengers as comfortable as possible. Thus, the airport team takes care of the luggage for the passenger, who travels stress-free without having to receive or collect his luggage several times. The luggage is marked at the departure airport and delivered from the arrival airport directly to the cabin of each guest. At the end of the cruise, Rostock Airport ensures the smooth transport of the luggage from the cabin to the customer’s destination airport by equipping the ships with check-in technology. The luggage is checked in on board the ship the evening before the cruise arrives. The technology and the implementation of the necessary procedures on board are carried out by Rostock Airport staff together with the ship’s crews before the cruise season. The so-called “off-airport check-in” reduces the waiting time for passengers at the port and at the airport.

roduct. The modern infrastructure, the control of processes in one hand, and the high quality of passenger handling convinced other cruise companies to entrust the airport in the Baltic Sea with the implementation of the system. In addition to Costa Crociere, MSC uses the high-quality “Seamless Travel” service, for guest arrivals and departures, enhancing the quality of the travel experience. In 2017, more than 90,000 cruise passengers used this service from Rostock Airport for a relaxed start and finish to their vacation. And the trend is rising.

Seamless Travel

Image Video Cruise | Rostock Airport